Saturday, February 1, 2020


Ezhattumugham, which literally means ‘seven faces of a river’ is a rural village in Ernakulam district. Since it is located downstream of the Athirappilly waterfalls, several visitors come here during all times of the year. But commonly, monsoon season is the best time to visit this place, that is during the months from June to November. This is because during other times of the year water level will be very low. But it is truly one of the best spots to be in, especially for a nature lover as one can enjoy the elegance of the smoothly running water and can be closest to nature while having fun in the water and amidst rocky paths. So, it is suggested that extra pieces of clothes are also carried. The picturesque view of the waterfalls and the islets in Ezhattumugham is unquestionably worth a visit. Since this place is also known for native fruits like jackfruits, different types of eatables are also sold here. This much photogenic place is around 20 km from Cochin International Airport and around 60 km from the city of Kochi. From the nearest Town of Angamaly taxis are available for hire. But other public transport may not be available all the way to Ezhattumugham.


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