Thursday, January 9, 2020

Lulu Mall


Location: Edapally, Kochi
Lulu mall, one of the largest malls in India is now the most preferred destination for shopping, food and entertainment in Kerala apart from also being the most visited places in Kerala. It was inaugurated in 2003 and now contains more than 200 outlets. It also contains Kerala’s only ice skating rink, gaming zone, twelve lane bowling alley and world class 5D cinema experience. Lulu Hypermarket is probably the most visited store in the mall with hundreds of shoppers shopping every day. Several events are also held in the mall. Now the mall is directly connected to the Edapally metro station through a sky-walk path.
Here’s the kind of shops and outlets in the mall
Beauty and Wellness
Denims and casuals
Fashion accessories
Men’s fashion
Money exchange
Anchor stores
Unisex fashion
Women’s fashion
Department store
Food court
Health and wellness
Kids wear
Lingerie and innerwear
Sports and performance wear



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