Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mulavukad Island

This is an underrated tourist spot in Ernakulam because this place comes as a linking road between several important centres. So, if one wishes to see Kerala from a different angle, this is definitely worth a visit. It is close to the Bolgatty Palace and resort. There are several eateries on the roadways that sell cheap snacks and ice creams. One is sure to find travellers who stop their vehicles on the sides of the road just to enjoy the beauty of this spot. You can also see the setting sun from here. More than ten years back, this place was only accessible through boats but now it is well connected to the city by bridges and roads. One such connecting bridge is the beautiful Goshree bridge. One interesting story about this bridge which had captured the attention of all media is that, a very long time ago, there was a lady who used to haunt the bridge and used to appear before riders travelling in the night.  

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