Friday, January 31, 2020

Bhoothathankettu dam and forest reserve

A lot of myth and mystery revolves around this picturesque and enchanting Bhoothathankettu dam located around 50 km away from the Cochin city. It is believed that ages ago Bhoothathan or monsters from Indian mythology built this dam to flood this area so as to destroy the Thrikariyoor temple where Lord Shiva was the main deity. And hence the name Bhoothathankettu. The Bhoothathan had to build the dam before the next dawn and had got into work on that very night. But to prevent this, Lord Shiva made the illusion of roosters crow before the break of dawn. On hearing that, the Bhoothanthan on the assumption that it was dawn left the area with the dam incomplete. Hence if you go on a trek into the deep forest, at one point you’ll find boulders that were put into the river by the Bhoothathan.  
Nearby to the dam, the Thattekkadu Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is also there. Kid’s park and boating is also there around half a kilometre from the dam. There are tree houses, swings, rain forest, boating, rides for children in the park. Hence children will love this place. If you go on boating or trekking you’ll find many wild animals like elephants, wild buffaloes or deers.  


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