Saturday, February 1, 2020

Azhikode Beach

Azhikode beach, located about 50km away from the city of Kochi is a lovely destination to spend an evening with friends and family. This well-maintained beach is a peaceful and quiet yet lively place to hang around. There are lots of pine trees near the shore which is a place one can hone their photography skills. Children can also get involved in a lot of activities as there is a children’s park here. Chinese finishing nets also called Cheenavala in Malayalam and fishing boats can also be seen here. One can go there and also interact with the friendly local fishermen. This is an easily accessible place. Public transport ply to this area. Private vehicles' parking area is also provided right outside the entrance to the beach for a nominal charge. Clean and well-maintained toilets and bathrooms are also there. Usually, weekends are a little more crowded than other work-days since local people from nearby areas also come here for a relaxing stroll. It’s also a good spot to watch sunrise and sunset. Snacks and cool drinks are sold near the beach. This place is also quite well known for its religious matters since it is believed that St. Thomas, the Apostle landed near this place around 2000 years ago and he is credited with bringing Christianity to India. Nearby there is also a church often called as Marthoma Pontifical shrine which is a well-known religious centre here. The Kodungalloor temple and Cheraman Juma Masjid is also nearby this beach.

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