Sunday, January 19, 2020


Being one of the must-visit places in Kochi, Broadway is definitely worth a visit to get a closer look at the life in Kochi. It is a shopping area spanning around two kilometres between M G Road and Marine Drive which is also one of the oldest shopping lanes in the district and had been the only shopping lane during the beginning of the twentieth century. This shopping area is very active and lively in the day and most people find it a lot of fun for local shopping and to walk and explore the small shops along the sides of the street which offer a different experience of Kochi. There are a number of shops here, selling almost everything under the sun like clothes, jewellery, old copper pots, perfumes, spices and condiments, bags, stationary items, watches, umbrellas, shoes and footwear, accessories, electronics, books, furniture, leather items, food serving counters, restaurants etc just to list a few. The lane may be a little congested but a visit to Kochi is almost incomplete without doing some shopping from Broadway. Amazing souvenirs are also available here at affordable and mostly cheap prices. Since most things are sold at low prices, credit cards may not be used in all shops. Cars are not allowed inside the lane, but two wheelers can move with caution. 

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